PA Subwoofers which is short for Pro Audio Subwoofers is a vital part of a DJ.

When playing in wide open areas like arenas, clubs, discotheques or even on social events you need PA speakers so that your musics and mixes can be heard by everyone.

Subwoofers are of great musical value. They give that extra “punch” that makes music sound richer and mire alive. Low frequencies generate that “feel good” sense among listeners, specially on dance,electronic and pop music. Subwoofers are of great value for any DJ specially when playing in open spaces.

It is important to match correctly the main speakers being used in th “gig” with the sub woofer to avoid over powering the low frequencies.

Subwoofers can be:

  • Passive or Non Amplified: This type of subwoofer require an external power amplifier to function. Usually they a lighter and cheaper but it is necessary to buy an external power amplifier. The best sellers of passive PA speakers are among others: Electro-Voice ELX118, Cerwin Vega TS-42, JBL JRX 118 , Behringer Eurolive B1800X among others.

  • Active or amplified: This type of subwoofer is made up of the subwoofer with an integrated amplifier inside the enclosure. This subwoofer tend to be more expensive but they are faster to set up and to move around. Also it takes out the power calculations when buying and setting up the sound system since the amplifier is specifically designed to work flawlessly with the subwoofer component that is embedded into. Another advantage of amplified subwoofers is that usually they have safety protection features installed that turn off the speakers when a power overload or power outage is detected. The best seller active subwoofers are: Electro-Voice ELX118P, JBL EON 518S, JBL PRX 618s, Mackie SRM 1801, QSC Ksub.

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