Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are a vital part of a DJ and music producer that is sometimes over looked. It is important that when producing beats, grooves and music in general you get a "complete" and "real" sound of how your music sounds. As a general rule studio monitors should have have a flat frequency response graph. This means that there is no "coloration" of the music and there is no attenuation or amplification of certain frequncies. Cheap studio monitors tend to attenaute or amplify certain frequecies. For example you might have heard speakers that sound "bassy" or too "bright" that is because they usually tend to certain frequencies. That is ok for general music listeners and music enthusiasts at DJ clubs but when you are producing a song it is important to have the right balance and to hear the music as it reallly sounds so that the mix and master process can be more efficient.
We offer excellent brands but we feel that KRK Monitors and Mackie Montors offer the best compromise between quality and price.

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