Sequencers Samplers & Drum Machines

If you are a songwriter, performer or simply a Dj that likes to produce its own beats and music you must have a sequencer, drum machina and sampler.

A drum machine is an musical instrument that uses recorded digitally processed sounds (DSP) to imitate the sound of drums or any percussion instrument. Usually the have a memory where hundreds of drum sounds can be sored and reproduced on a single way or by generating and repeting sequences. We offer the most repected brands of Drum machies. For example the AKAI XR20 is a professional grade frum machine at a very affordable price. The new commer is the Sparkle from the French manufacturer Arturia it has Backlit velocity and pressure sensitive Pads, Touch sensitive FX pad Mode selector Bank, Pattern, Seq, Tune, Bus powered, class compliant USB input, User assignable encoders, Advanced Looper Divide/Move function, Classic TR style programming Real-time.

The sampler is a must have for electronic DJ and musicians. It allows to capture audio, generate loops, and re-spin songs. A samplers captures a sample of a sound and keeps it in memory for later edit and use. Many newly launched samplers can easily with DJ software and can provide samples and loops into the software music sources. A best seller is the Roland SP-404SX portable sampler. It allows any music producer, hip-hop artist, etc capture and reproduce loops on the road. If you want somethign more adavanced and for studio use the Roland SP-555 is the way to go.

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