Lighting and Effects

DJ lighting and effects compliment and fill with energy the presentation of any DJ in any place. It doesn't matter if it is a small place or a super big open area lights and effects generates the exact visual stimuli to make any DJ presentation a memorable experience.

If your budgets allows we would suggest going for a fully programmable DMX controlled lighting system. DMX systems allow you to program how your lights, dimmers, bubble machines, etc will work synchronized to generate am ambiance related to the music being played by the DJ. DMX lighting is programmable giving you the greatest flexibility. It worth mentioning that DMX equipment must be all compatible to work together.

If you are just starting or you are an beginner DJ that want to have fun at home we can suggest the DJ lighting packs. They have everything to start your party like the American DJ Festive Light Pak II it is a great starter package for the mobile entertainer, includes 3 very popular effects in one box: Multi-flower, color ball, and mini strobe lights it will instantly add excitement and energy to any party or special occasion.

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