Interfaces and Controllers

Interfaces and Controllers

Typically a DJ would need to have two music sources, either a turntable, CD player, etc and one mixer. Know days DJ Controllers have replace this set up for unit that integrated with a MAC or PC permits the the “control” of the music stored in the computer.

DJ controllers are closely related to the control software, which will run tin the computer. Each manufacturer has typically develop DJ controllers that work best with an specific DJ mixing software. Know days almost any recent computer can easily run any of the DJ mixing software but it is recommended that you try to have nothing else running in the background when using your DJ software and controller.

DJ controllers prices vary a lot. There is a wide selection of entry level or budget controllers like for example the Hercules DJ Control Instinct which is an entry level controller to the sophisticated Pioneer DDJ-S1 We suggest stretching your budget as far as you can. It may be wise and save you funds on the long run.

Most controllers come with software included but you should notice that usually the “bundled” software is a LE or limited edition. Usually LE's don't have all the functionality and features of the complete DJ software version. Most LE's versions will allow you to upgrade your license for the full version, usually with a good discount.

Sound cards; Needed or Not?

All computers have a sound card incorporated in your CPU but these will not be enough to allow you to mix. For that you need to be able to send at least 2 sources. One will be sent to your main PA system and the other output will be used as you monitor(usually connected to your headphones) that way you can hear the next track on cue for the mix.

There awe certain DJ controllers that have the Sound Card integrated into them Like for example: Other controller so not have the sound card built into them. In this case you need to purchase an external sound card.

The connection of the sound card depends on the set up you have. So it is suggested to install it following the manufacturing instructions closely.

If you need assistance will be glad to help you connect you DJ equipment.

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