There are plenty of excellent DJ headphones on the market. This can make it confusing to decide which headphone to buy. Here are some considerations one might take a look when buying DJ headphone.

1. Fit

This is for me the most important thing to consider since you will be using them for many many hours during your practice sessions and during your live DJ sessions. They should fit nicely, not too tight and not too loose.


2. Closed, Semi closed or Open Design

We would suggest to consider what kind of DJ are you. If you play in crowded noise venues a closed Dj headphone might be the best option. This can keep you isolated from external sound making it easier to focus on your mixes. If your DJ style is more laid back and in relaxing lounge style venues a semi open design can work very well.


3. DJ Headphone Power

Actually they are not p powered but rather passive element but it is important that they have high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) and they when pushed to high levels they sound clearly. For this reason it worth it to spend a little bit more and buy high quality headphone form respected manufacturers like Sennheiser, AKG or Pioneer. Don’t just focus on the low frequencies, it is important to get to right balance of low and high frequencies independently of what music genre you play.


4. Don't buy cheap headphones

It would be the wisest thing not to buy cheap DJ headphones. Headphones usually are abused, get wet, get their cable pulled of so a good quality headphone will resist use and abuse a lot better.



They should have a ¼ “ jack. That’s is the DJ equipment standard


6. Portability

If you tour a lot this is an important factor to consider when buying DJ headphones. Know days airlines are restricting more and more baggage allowances so it might be wise to go with the smaller option. Sennheiser HD-25 is an excellent compact DJ headphone.

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