Toontrack EZXpansion-Twisted Kit by Toontrack

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Manufacturer Description

The Twisted Kit was designed and sampled by Michael Blair, a percussionist with a highly personal instrument set-up, most known for his work with Tom Waits, Lou Reed and Elvis Costello. It was recorded at the Toontrack Studio and comes with a massive collection of percussive elements. This EZX crosses over boundaries of genres like industrial, blues, ethnic and orchestral to form a unique collection of replacement percussion that will add a new flavor in any songwriter's creative palette. With Twisted Kit, there is nothing remotely odd about having a duck call as an alternative cowbell, mounting the hubcap of a car on top of your snare, or having rototom frames form a tonal hi-hat. It includes an extensive MIDI library that not only boosts creativity but also provides an untapped source of inspiration for unwritten songs. It includes everything you need to produce high-quality off-the-wall drum lines, right at your fingertips. With a full range of customizable channels and wildly varying styles of presets, Twisted Kit EZX is a great addition to any drummer's collection. At Toontrack, we're all songwriters and musicians, and it's a privilege for us to develop tools that we use alongside our customers.


Requires a working EZdrummer or Superior Drummer 2.0 installation 1.2GB of non-traditional and traditional drum samples created by Michael Blair (Tom Waits, Lou Reed, Elvis Costello)Instruments used:Kick:Gretsch 1987 Maple DryGretsch 1987 Maple Hard MalletGretsch 1987 Maple Soft MalletGretsch 1987 Maple with GongGretsch 1987 Maple with CrasherGretsch 1987 Maple Dry with SplashLudwig 1965 Super ClassicLudwig 1965 Super Classic with metal potChinese DrumTaos DrumSnare:Pearl with Small RotoPearl with Small Roto2Pearl AmbientButcher Block DeepButcher Block HubcapB

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