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Manufacturer Description

Everything You Need for Your Music Production: IK Multimedia's Total Studio 3 Bundle gives you 8 award winning plug-ins for all of your music productions - at incredible savings. The bundle features 5 outstanding sound, synth, vintage keyboard and orchestral workstations including Sample Tank 2.5 XL, Sonik Synth 2, Miroslav Philharmonic, SampleTron, SampleMoog, 15 Xpansion Tank 2 sound libraries from Sonic Reality, the industry leading guitar amp & fx software, AmpliTube 3, the critically acclaimed mixing & mastering software, T-RackS 3 Deluxe, and the lush high-end reverbs of CSR, Classik Studio Reverb. Whether you're scoring for TV or film, dropping the next hip-hop platinum selling album, or crafting a new rock song or power ballad, the Total Studio 3 Bundle will provide all the inspiration, flexibility, and ease of use you desire. So if you got music to write and produce, do it right, with essential production tools and an extreme library of excellent sounds. Fire up IK Multimedia


SampleTank 2.5 XLSonik Synth 2Miroslav PhilharmonikSampleTronSampleMoog AmpliTube 3T-RackS 3 DeluxeCSR - Classik Studio ReverbPlus 15GB of Xpansion Tank Instruments

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