Coidea Sound Activated Stage Light with Remote

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We are presently selling the excellent Coidea Sound Activated Stage Light with Remote for a great price. Don't pass it by - buy the Coidea Sound Activated Stage Light with Remote here now!

Manufacturer Description

Coidea Disco ball party light!
Super brightness,Long Lifespan more than 10,000 hours.
Easy to install,just plug it and play it.
Wildly Use it for any parties,Holiday,Wedding,Chrismas,Karaoke,DJ...also could use it outdoor,backyard, bedroom, living room and more.

*Voltage: AC 110-240V,50/60 Hz
*Power: 3W
*Source: LED RGB 3*1w
*Playing Mode:Voice-activated ,Auto
*Package size ?110*100*110MM
*Products weight: 0.35KG

Package includes:
1 * Disco ball party light
1 * Power Adapter
1 * Remote control
1 * Instructions


RGB COLOR: 7 Colors disco party lights with remote control.Easy to choose single colors or color combinations by the sensitivity remote.Using the controller you can change the lighting, color and speed from slow to fast to create defferent atmosphere. AUTO/FLASH/MUSIC MODE: Automatic mode:colors randomly change creating romantic relaxation atmosphere.Flash mode:colors appeared and disappeared quickly forming stroboscopic effect.Music mode:colors sensitively change with the perception of sound and rhythm. SOUND ACTIVATED:Powerful voice-activated sensor captures nearby sounds or music and changes color or speed with the music which can be wildly used for birthday/pool/backyard party,disco hall,get-togethers,holiday night,wedding,karaoke,BBQs,Christmas,DJ,Halloween etc. EASY INSTALLATION:The lamp can be placed directly on the surface of a smooth object, adjust the placement angle first and tighten the screws on both sides of the lamp body,or it can be fixed on Wall and roof: please fix a screw first on the wall or roof, then you can have the lamp shining from the top. ENERGE SAVING AND LONG LIFESPAN:The light body is made of high-strength PC material with strong seismic performance. PVC transparent cover with transmittance up to 93% forming brilliant and beautiful effect while preventing glare.It can work more than 100,000 hours with the light decay is 50% of the initial, the service life is ten times longer while the energy consumption reduces 80% compared with the same effect incandescent lamps.

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